Central Office

Jonel Accad
Fitness Teacher
Jeffrey Anderson
Maintenance Technician
Karolina Babic
Development Associate
Charles Barnette
Security Officer
Joseph Coleman
Dominique Coote
Student Performance Data Manager
Justin Cruz
Information Technology Manager
Pamela Daley
Director of Development
Christy Dickens
Operations Associate
Michelle Douglass
Security Officer
Karen Dresden
Head of School
Lisvette García
Parent Outreach and Admissions Coordinator
William Hawk
Director of School Information Systems
Jeffrey Hayes
Head of Security
Linda Herrarte
Bilingual Front Office Manager
Christol Holton
Security Officer
Chris Honemond
Maintenance Technician
Kristi Loyd
Compliance Manager
Marcella Mack
Food Service Aide
Baleria Montero
Food Service Aide
Julia Montero
Food Service Aide
April Parker
Food Service Manager
Celia Parker
Assistant Director of Communications
Liliana Ramos
Food Service Aide
Demetrios Recachinas
Operations Manager
Yury Reyes
School Information Systems Associate
Emily Rodegast
Human Resources and Business Manager
Glenda Salvador
Bilingual Front Office Manager
Jeremy Smythe
Director of Information Technology
Michelle Turner
Business Associate
John Wade
Nakeithia Watkins
Security Officer
Jonathan Weinstein
Chief Operating Officer

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