First day of school, Capital City Charter School, in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013. ( Photo/Drew Angerer)

Middle School

Adriana Blake
5th Grade ELA Inclusion Teacher
Christine Blakely
7th Grade Humanities Teacher
Joel Bounds
Fitness Teacher
Amanda Carella
6th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Taiese Carson
Mathematics & Intervention Specialist
Chip Chase
Director of Library Services and Technology Integration
Samantha Clark
6th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Courtney Clark
Visual Arts Teacher
Monika Copelmayer
Math Inclusion Teacher
Laina Cox
Lindsay Damon
School Counselor
Eleanor Davis
ELL Specialist
Morgan Davis
Fitness & Health Teacher
Adrian Degraffinreaidt
Athletic Director & Fitness Instructor
Jeny Dominguez
Spanish Teacher
Rachel Donaldson
7th Grade Math Inclusion Teacher
Nakia Dow
Director of Student Services
Jacob Fishbein
Director of Instruction
John Forys
5th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Danielle Frazier
6th Grade Humanities Inclusion Teacher
Private: Ayanna Gallant
Music Teacher
Brandy Goffigan
Library Assistant
Gregory Goles
7th Grade Math Teacher
Abby Hall
5th Grade Humanities Teacher
Chavala Hardy
8th Grade Science Teacher
Lauren Horton
Fitness & Health Teacher
Rachel Hull
5th Grade Humanities Teacher
Rachel Jackson
Technology Teacher
Jamica Johnson
Dedicated Aide
Jasmine Johnson-Nouri
8th Grade Humanities Teacher
Ariel Kramer
8th Grade Math Teacher
Todd Kutyla
Adventure Coordinator
Jessica Leader
7th Grade Humanities Teacher
Charla Lewis
School Psychologist & Director of Counseling Services
Joanna Lewton
Arts Director
Justin Lopez
7th Grade Science Teacher
Heidi Marohn
6th Grade Humanities Teacher
Aaron Mitchem
Coordinator of School Culture
Lisa Morenoff
5th Grade Math Inclusion Teacher
Katharine Pick
Instructional Coach
Tamica Prue
Dedicated Aide
Veronica Ramirez
Office Manager
Ashley Rivera
Dedicated Aide
Claudia Rojas
Spanish Teacher
Claudia Rosales
Drama Teacher
Timothy Shaw
8th Grade Humanities Teacher
Lapeta Solomon
8th Grade Humanities Inclusion Teacher
Jemila Stanley
Speech & Language Clinical Fellow
Britt Villaflor
5th Grade Math/Science Teacher
Patrick Wynott
6th Grade Humanities Teacher
Ryoko Yamamoto
School Garden Coordinator

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