Flipped PD: Koha Library Catalog

Flipped PD: Koha Library Catalog

Flipped PD is PD on your time. Each week learn about a new technology resources and best practices from the library team, the tech team or your colleagues. 

Koha (sometimes stylized as “KOHA”) is our new library cataloging system for this year. It includes our catalog (list of books) and our circulation system (who has what). Last year, we made the decision to switch from our rather limited commercial system to an open-source solution; I’ll talk more about that decision on our blog later this year.

Through this Flipped PD, you will learn how to log into your Koha account, how to find and request library materials, and how to create a book list.

If you would like some one-on-one training with Koha, please contact Katelyn Browne (kbrowne) to set up a time or come to the library between 3:45 and 4:45 on Tuesday, January 15 and Thursday, January 1

1. Logging in to Koha

To get to Koha, use the address casanova.ccpcs.org, or click on the Koha link of our library website.

Click on “Log in to your account” in the upper right-hand corner. If you have forgotten your login information, email cclibrary@ccpcs.org.

Once you have logged in to Koha, you can click on your name (also in the upper right-hand corner) to see what books you have checked out, add personal details to your account, make purchase suggestions, etc.

 2. Searching for Books

The search box near the top of the screen allows you to search for books in our catalog by title, author, subject, ISBN, series, or call number.

Along with the usual library searches, you can use this search interface to find book room books by level. (For more information on our leveling system, download our Reading Grade-Level Comparison Chart.) Our book room books all have the call number “BR [level].” For example, all level M books have call number BR M. To get all the book room books with level M, and none of the books labeled “BR MATH,” we use the syntax “callnum:BR [level]” in the search bar.


If a book you want is checked out, you can put it on hold by choosing “Place Hold” from the list of actions under the stars:


On the screen that comes up next, just choose “Confirm.”

3. Making a Book List

Book lists in Koha have the option of being private (only you) or public (anyone can view). You can use them for many purposes:

  • organize the books you’ll use every year for a certain expedition or subject
  • create a list of recommended books for your students to read
  • keep a list of books you’re interested in reading in your spare time

To create a list, click on the blue “Lists” button in the top toolbar:


There, you can see everyone’s public lists and your own private lists. Click on “[New list]” to create a new list:


From the next screens, you can name your list and designate whether it will be private or public.

Once you’ve saved your new list, you can add books to it whenever you search. Clicking “Save to Lists” from the Actions list will bring up a list of your lists.


From the window that pops up, choose the list you want to save to. Make sure to click “Save”!

If you create a public list, other teachers can see what you’re working on and get inspiration for their own units (or students or leisure reading).