Theatre Renovation Project

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Through the arts, students develop 21st Century Skills – critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills along with creativity and confidence.  These skills support student learning in all curricular areas and prepare students for success in college and beyond.  The arts contributes to a more joyful school experience and positive school culture. For these reasons, Capital City Public Charter School has made a commitment to the arts since our inception in 2000.  

Capital City offers music, drama, and visual arts instruction to all students in PK-12th grade.  In arts classes and extracurricular activities, students engage in active exploration, make connections to other areas of study, and develop high quality products and performances. We broaden our students’ experiences, by hosting visiting artists and captivating them by fieldwork to theatres, museums, and concerts.   Our staff includes 12 dedicated and highly experienced arts professionals.  Our comprehensive arts program sets Capital City apart from other public school programs. Parents and students routinely cite our arts program as one of the most valued aspects of our school.  A 2016 EL Education video highlights our arts program as a national model.



Most of our arts instruction takes place in classrooms and performances are typically held in the cafeteria.  These spaces are not ideal for performing arts.  Performances in the cafeteria lack the appropriate space, lighting, and acoustics for the audience to truly appreciate our students’ work or for students to learn the full breadth of the theatre arts.  Our limitations of space also make hosting artists more challenging and limits our ability to bring our community together for celebrations.

MS drama

Middle School Musical Production

hs dance

High School Dance Performance




Capital City renovated and moved into the former Rabaut Junior High School building in 2012.  With limited resources, we prioritized the renovation of classroom spaces.   The building has a 9,200 square foot space on the first floor (previously an auditorium), that is currently not usable as it is not up to code nor meets other requirements.  The renovation of this space addresses many programmatic needs.



View from the stage


View toward the stage





We envision a 420-seat theatre that will function as an instructional and performing space for the arts.   The acoustics and lighting will enhance the audience experience and the pride our students have in their work.  Breakout spaces will allow for audience and class discussions.  Our plan includes a light and sound booth, catwalks, an Act Curtain, and a remote-controlled screen to display videos to allow students to learn about the technical management side of a theatre. Students will have the opportunity to engage in live-stream interviews with art professionals and performances.




Rendering of NEW Capital City Theatre

Front view of theatre

Front view of theatre

The new theater, which is expected to open in January 2017, will include exciting features that will serve the dual purpose of educating students and hosting performances. It will seat 420 guests, include a light/sound booth, catwalks (and a staircase leading up to the catwalks backstage), an Act Curtain, a remote controlled screen to display videos, and much more.




Capital City has been working to secure funding for this project since moving into our new building in 2012.  We are close to making this a reality. As of February 2016, we have secured 90% of the $4.3 million funding necessary and have completed the project design phase.  Making a financial gift today will allow us to have this state-of-the-art theatre ready for students by January 2017.


Make a tax-deductible gift online or by mail to Capital City Public Charter School; ℅ Development Office; 100 Peabody St. NW; Washington, DC 20011. Donations over $250 will be recognized on our donor wall.


Contact our Development or 202.808.9748  to:

Please consider supporting our theatre renovation project TODAY.





…for their support of our Theatre Grand Opening on February 3, 2017!