Britt Villaflor

Brittain Villaflor, 5th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Britt joined Capital City in 2000 as a Founding Teacher. She taught 1st and 2nd grades for many years at the Lower School and in 2009-2010 served as the Professional Development and Dissemination Coordinator. In 2010, she began teaching Humanities and she has been a 5th grade Humanities teacher since the move to the new building in 2012. Prior to joining Capital City, Britt was a co-teacher at the John Eaton Elementary School in DC.

Britt graduated with a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from New York University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts from Pennsylvania State University. While teaching at Capital City, she was selected to participate in training in Design at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and at the Carnegie Academy for Science Education in DC.

Her accomplishments during her tenure at Capital City include earning the Fund for Teachers Grant for wetlands investigation and leading a master class at the EL Education National Conference on “Making Subject Matter” about the 1st/2nd grade expedition that led to the design of the current rooftop playground.

Britt’s recent academic service has included being a member of the Instructional Leadership Team for the middle school and Grade Level Team leader for 5th grade.

When not teaching, Britt raises three children and enjoys drawing, tennis, swimming, and sewing.