Jonathan Hogue

Jonathan Hogue, 8th Grade Humanities Teacher

Jonathan joined Capital City in August 2019. He holds a Master in Secondary Social Studies from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public from Xavier University.

Prior to joining Capital City, Jonathan worked as an ELA teacher at City Year Achievement Prep and as a High School Literacy Teacher in Philadelphia Charter Schools. Jonathan is a North Star Award Recipient and has been nationally recognized by Teach For America for his work connected to helping students find their voice and identity. 

Jonathan is proficient in written Spanish. Besides singing for almost 20 years, including Opera, Jonathan did improv comedy for three years and was a professional at one point in time. He almost  moved to Chicago to become a performer, but instead, decided that his humor could be better used to help kids learn how to love reading. 

Favorite quote/phrase: "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." - Abraham Lincoln