Student in a Learning Hub

Learning Hubs provide small groups of students across Lower School, Middle School, and High School a safe, socially distanced way to engage in our distance learning program from the school building with extra support.
As we expand Learning Hubs, and plan for recovery and reopening, families can find information about in-person experiences on this page.

Supporting our planning is our Re-Entry and Recovery Planning Team which includes parents, teachers, students, and staff from our 3 campuses.


 Walk-up vaccination sites are now open in DC.
No appointment needed!
DC residents 12  and older are eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Read more here.  

Watch this video from Mary's Center about everything you need to know about the vaccine.

Learning Hubs are currently by invite only. Prior to joining a learning hub, a Capital City staff member will ask about:

  • Immunizations up-to-date? Students who are invited to Learning Hubs will need updated immunizations in order to participate. Click here for more information and/or to find a pediatrician for your child. Immunizations should be at no-cost to your family.

  • COVID-19 testing? Students and staff participating in Learning Hubs are strongly encouraged to participate in our weekly COVID-19 testing provided through Curative.

  • Home Health Symptom Screening? We recommend parents go through this screening with their child before coming to school each day.

  • Do you or your child have any questions about Learning Hubs?

Are you interested in your child joining a Learning Hub for Quarter 4? If so, please read and complete this form. We cannot guarantee all children a spot. 


In addition to Learning Hubs, Capital City is welcoming Lower School students for Saturday outdoor activities.

We hope to expand Saturday outdoor activities for all grades. Stay tuned for more information!

Sat Outdoor Activities
Sat Outdoor Activities
Sat Outdoor Activities
Sat Outdoor Activities