5th graders get out the vote

5th graders at GMU

5th grade made the news! Learn about their Voter Turnout fieldwork on NPR and The 74.

Fifth graders might be too young to vote, but they already know the importance and power of the 15th Amendment! As part of their fall Humanities expedition,  A More Perfect Union? Game On!, students have been learning about the three branches of government, the constitution, and the history of the United States.

This year’s learning coincided with the midterm election! Organized by Humanities Teacher, Sarah Cole, students traveled to George Mason University on November 5th to poll college students, canvas campus and encourage more people to get out and vote. The morning ended with students leading a march across campus to raise awareness.

"They’re here to get people to vote," Ms. Cole told The 74. "So that Congress can be a [body] that reflects the values of everyone, and not just a small group of people who vote during midterm elections."

Even though they are about nine years away from being able to cast their own votes, our young Eagles are already using their learning and voices to change the community and country in which they wish to live.

Learn more on NPR and The 74. Also, check out photos from their Instagram takeover.

5th grader getting out the vote at GMU
5th grade march at GMU

Photos credit: The 74