An advocate for change

We are incredibly proud to be part of a community that models for students how to stand up for their beliefs and fight injustice. Denise Morelli, mother of a Capital City alumna and grandparent of a current Kindergarten student, is an advocate for change. In response to the events in Parkland, FL and all the tragic school shootings that have occured in our nation, Denise helped organize a meetup for Capital City families at the recent March for our Lives protest.

"Capital City is not just a school - it is a family," shared Denise. "I believe this is such an important event for everyone and I thought there is no better way to support than with my Capital City family."

Denise Morelli at March for our Lives Protest
Denise with Class of 2016 alum Daniel and 1st grader with her family

Reflecting on her experience with the school, Denise remarked: "The staff goes above and beyond to ensure students receive the best education and that each and every one of them feels cared for and important. The expeditions help students develop important skills to carry into life. The diversity of the students and staff, and the extra tenants, such as compassion and courage, that the school reinforces on a daily basis provide such a wonderful foundation to build on as students proceed through college and life."

3rd grader and mom at protest
3rd grader with her mom and CCPCS board member Daudeline
Tawanda and her family
4th grader with her family