Children’s Voices of Protest

On June 5th, Capital City 2nd - 4th graders performed their original protest songs and slam poetry on the National Mall. This arts showcase was the culmination of an in-depth expedition studying historical and contemporary civil rights leaders, issues of injustice, and protests as a medium for positive change. Students’ art tackled issues of gun violence, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), women's rights, LGBTQ rights, child abuse, homelessness, suicide, racism and more.

3rd grade performances:

  • "Let’s Make Peace Now"
  • "It Doesn't Matter If You're A Boy Or Girl"
  • "Let’s Stop Fighting War"
  • "Gun Violence"
  • "Racism"
  • "Women Are Going to Change the World"
  • "Can We Stop the NRA?"
  • "We’re Gonna Clean the Ocean and the Land"

4th grade performances:

  • "No More Racism"
  • "Let’s Fight for DACA!"
  • "Women’s Rights"
  • "Police Brutality"
  • "Stop Acting Like There’s No One On The Ground"
  • "We Can Save the Planet"
  • "Child Abuse"
  • "I’ll Fight For My Right To Be Me"
  • "Que Canten Los Niños"

Following the inspiring performances, students led a peaceful march around the National Mall.

Children protesting
Children holding original protest art
Children protesting