Cityzens Giving Young Leader

Class of 2013 alum José was recently featured as a Cityzen Giving Young Leader

Class of 2013 alum José has shown he has what it takes to be a role model for youths — both on and off the field. Thanks to his work in soccer and STEM through DC Scores, José was recently spotlighted as a Cityzens Giving Young Leader

DC Scores, a partner with Capital City, provides a soccer and poetry after school program for middle schoolers, which José coaches. DC Scores offers soccer and educational programming for youths in DC, including a summer STEM camp which José helps lead. 

Committed to giving back to the community and using his passion for soccer to make a difference, José is a Cityzens Giving Young Leader, a program co-sponsored between Manchester City and Verizon that aims to support youth-led community soccer and STEM education projects in the United States. 

"Being a role model for the kids, it means a lot to me. At one point I was in their shoes, so I just want to make sure that whatever we do is as fun as possible for them," José said in the Cityzens Giving Young Leader Spotlight. "In the future, what I really want to do is get kids more involved in the program as well, so not just as participants but maybe in the future, one of the kids that I’ve worked with ends up becoming a coach as well. That would be pretty cool to see."

That isn’t the only recognition José has gotten lately. Recently José and his older brother Ronald, who both work for DC Scores, were featured in a blog on the organization’s website.