Congrats, Principal Cox!

Our Middle school Principal, Laina Cox, received the 2018 Silverberg Leadership Award at the EL Education National Conference.

Principal Cox is Capital City’s founding Middle School Principal. Since 2012, she has spearheaded a strong program for 5th-8th graders that has been nationally recognized for best practices in social, emotional and academic development and, as she describes in her acceptance speech, that "tirelessly works to develop a new generation of activists and changemakers."

Her staff nominated her for this year’s Silverberg Leadership Award, submitting over 200 testimonials from students, administrators, teachers, and families. We are incredibly proud to have such a tremendous leader, who asserted in her speech, her deep commitment to "fighting for our students." As she says, "Let’s never settle for complacency...Our students depend on it."

Learn more about her award and watch her speech.