Give Bees a Chance

1st grade at farmer's market

Capital City 1st graders are buzzing with knowledge and new skills thanks to our spring expedition, Give Bees a Chance. Students spent the semester learning about honey bees — their life cycle, what they need to survive, how they work together in the hive, and their role as pollinators. They read books on Colony Collapse Disorder and visited local beekeepers to understand why bees are important to our everyday lives. 

1st grade artwork of bees
1st grade artwork of bees

On June 10th, 1st graders put their learning into action by advocating for bees at the Takoma Park Farmers Market. Students sold homemade greeting cards with their scientific bee drawings and candles. Through this outreach, they raised over $600 to donate to local beekeepers and taught market patrons about the importance of bees and why we should protect them!

1st graders at market
1st grade thank you note to donors