Meet the President and VP…

4th Grade President and VP

Our students asked for a Class President so our teachers listened. Fourth grade teachers organized a class election to elevate student voice this school year. Students interested in serving submitted a personal nomination explaining why they would be a good candidate, specifically highlighting the Community Values they exhibit daily that would be an asset to this job. 

On February 26th, students delivered speeches to families, staff, and friends.
Audience members voted and elected Siena!

Siena, 4th Grade Class President

"I think I will be a good class president because I am responsible and kind and am willing to help students to make sure everybody’s needs get met," Siena shared. "I want to help kids in our class have their questions answered. I also want to make distance learning more fun by having more social time." 

Siena chose Destiny, one of her running mates, to be her Vice President.

"I think a few Community Values that I have are creativity, responsibility and kindness," Destiny explained. "You can find creative ways to make distance learning more fun, like Siena said. A good Vice President will listen to students’ ideas."

Destiny, 4th Grade Class VP

As President and Vice President, Siena and Destiny will:

  • Meet with students weekly to hear of any concerns or ideas they may have and report back to teachers.
  • Assist teachers in hiring for class jobs.
  • Formulate plans for special days celebrated in class.
  • Create a plan for tutoring.

In the future, Destiny wants to be a creative entrepreneur, including a baker, vlogger and an artist.
Siena wants to be an author and illustrator. Maybe one day she will publish her experience serving as 4th Grade’s Class President!