"One loud, happy family!"

Israel Tovar, who joined Capital City last school year with a master’s degree in education from Stanford University, decided to offer an AP World History course at Capital City this year, after realizing some of his students needed more of an academic challenge.

"Brown and Black students deserve not only a culturally responsive curriculum where they can see their community but one that is also highly academically rigorous," Tovar says.

"Having academic rigor is part of social and racial justice."

AP World History

A combination of 10th and 11th graders are taking the class. It’s fast-paced with lively historical debates.  "I’ve been very impressed with the hard work and time they’ve invested in the class," Tovar says. The sentiment is returned by his students.

"Mr. Tovar does an amazing job bringing honest feedback into the space which has helped our entire class grow and become prepared for the AP exam," says Clarke, 11th Grade.

"Mr. Tovar is a great teacher. AP World History is fun thanks to his kind heart and his incredible way to cheer us up," adds Jenifer. "Mr. Tovar has been my biggest supporter; and because of that, I am actually trying my best to make him proud. If I get to pass the AP World History exam, it will be because of him and his way of teaching."

AP World History

10th grader Corinne sums it up. "AP World History class is one loud, happy family!"