PCSB Instagram Takeover

On Tuesday, May 15th, Middle School Principal Laina Cox took over the DC Public Charter School Board Instagram to give followers a glimpse of Capital City.

Principal Cox set the stage by introducing herself and Capital City’s beautiful building which includes our equity statement in multiple languages displayed proudly in the front lobby.  And of course, her first post included a selfie with some Middle School students!

From our security guards to office managers, Capital City’s Central Office staff work behind the scenes to ensure all students succeed. See some of these hard-working individuals in her second post!

Next, Principal Cox took followers to lunch and featured our 5th grade Green Leaders who launched a composting initiative at Capital City this month, made possible thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy and the Environment.

We are in the final countdown of the school year which means it’s 8th Grade Passage Portfolio time! Check out our students working on their presentations to prove to a panel of judges they are ready for High School. 

How does Capital City meet the needs of every individual learner? In addition to highly effective teachers and administrators, our outstanding Specialists provide our students the extra support they need to thrive.

School is more than just academics at Capital City. Our focus on the whole child includes our robust arts, fitness, and adventure programs that help develop students’ social and emotional skills. See Principal Cox’s glimpse into our comprehensive arts program!

Our strong school culture, which includes structures like Crew, emphasizes community values that help students grow into compassionate, kind and responsible young adults.

Learning is fun at Capital City! What better way to end the school day than a group photo?

The fun doesn’t stop when the last bell rings. Learning at Capital City continues after school. Principal Cox took followers on a tour of various clubs.  

We know this work does not happen in isolation. That’s why we believe strongly in partnering with parents in their child’s education. Principal Cox’s final post highlighted the joy our students and families experience every day at our school.