Q&A: We are “Unidos” at Capital City

Capital City serves students from all eight wards and demographics, which means there are a lot of different cultures to be celebrated! 

Fiesta Latina will take place Oct. 21 from 5-6:30 p.m. at the school theater.

On October 21 from 5-6:30 p.m., our annual celebration of Latinx heritage and culture, Fiesta Latina, will be held in the school’s theater. This year’s theme “Unidos,” which means united, ties well with our first full in-person community event in the theater since February 2020. Fiesta Latina will include student performances, cultural tables, and traditional snacks.

Capital City hosts community events like this celebrating various cultures throughout the year, but the hope is that students feel welcome to share their heritage and backgrounds every day.

This month, to fit with the Fiesta Latina “Unidos” theme, we spoke to a few immigrant high school students about their cultures, experiences at Capital City, and hopes for their futures. 

Delmi, 9th grade, Honduran.

Sindy, 10th grade, Salvadoran.

Tiffany, 10th grade, Salvadoran.

Damaris, 10th grade, Salvadoran.

Bezawit, 11th grade, Ethiopian.

HS students

What is different about school/learning here for you? 

  • Tiffany - Learning is different here as each student has a different schedule. In my country, you’re with the same people all day and the teachers move to your classroom. 
  • Damaris - We have less hours in school here. The day goes really quickly. [In my country], all our work is written. We don’t have computers. We only use computers when we go to the computer room for technology class.
  • Bezawit - I like the school [here] because it’s smaller and all the teachers help you. 


How are you adjusting to school here? 

  • Damaris - It’s difficult to get to know the other students who don’t speak Spanish, [but] we are learning and trying to speak English.
  • Tiffany - It’s difficult with the language difference. The pronunciation of some words in English is difficult.


Have you gotten a chance to share your culture with your classmates or teachers?

  • Damaris - We are helping with Fiesta Latina, making flowers and we’re planning to serve the food [at the event].


What are your hopes and dreams for your future?

  • Damaris - To learn English and graduate with good grades. I want to be an eye doctor. 
  • Tiffany - It’s difficult to think about the future. I always wanted to know what it’d be like to study here and there are more opportunities here. I always wanted to learn English even if it’s challenging. My dream is to travel and see different places. I want to study security technology.
  • Sindy - I want to improve my English and get good grades. I want to be a physical therapist.
  • Delmi - I want to improve my English and become a lawyer.
  • Bezawit - I want to be a businesswoman. I want to learn more about marketing, management, and finance. I want to be a great student in university. 

What do you want your classmates to know about you?

  • Tiffany - We aren’t different from anyone else. Our dreams are the same.
  • Damaris - We’re the same. The difference is our culture, language and food.

What is your favorite holiday or festivity from your home country you like to celebrate?

  • Damaris - I like Christmas. There are fireworks; we visit with neighbors and get to stay outside late. We also eat a lot of chocolate.
  • Sindy - I like Christmas too. We get to stay up late.
  • Delmi - I like Holy Week, which is a weeklong celebration and we would go to the beach.
  • Bezawit - In Ethiopia, there are a lot of different races and cultures that we celebrate.