Washington Wizards at Capital City!

Markieff Morris at Capital City

On Monday, April 9th, Washington Wizards power forward #5 Markieff Morris visited Capital City to speak with 20 middle and high school students. Using his own experience to illustrate what’s possible, Morris opened the conversation by sharing his personal story growing up in Philadelphia with his twin, Marcus Morris (power forward on the Boston Celtics), and how they achieved their goal to play in the NBA through hard work, determination, and never giving up on their dreams. "There will be a lot of obstacles. Just being born where I was, and what I saw, I knew I couldn't stay there. I’ve been to places that opened my eyes to the world. I lost my house; a bunch of stuff happened to me. My dad wasn’t around. My brother and I pushed each other to get to where we are today."

Morris continued to answer questions from Capital City students about life, school - his favorite subject they learned is math! - and basketball. "School is important," emphasized Morris. "More important than basketball." He further stressed the importance of believing in yourself. "Confidence is everything, it’s in anything you do. When you lose confidence, you lose yourself."

This special visit from the Washington Wizard left our students inspired and motivated. As Morris stated, "you can overcome anything."

Morris talking with students
Morris signing autographs
Morris talking with students
Morris taking photos with students