When History Inspires Change

At Capital City, history classes require more than memorizing a long list of dates. Our students learn why major events happened and their impact on today’s world. We strive for our students to know all sides of a story to inform their own understanding of events. Thanks to Zinn Education Project and Teaching for Change, we are able to provide a richer curriculum for students that challenges the "single story."

On November 21st, Courtland Milloy of The Washington Post highlighted our approach to education in his column, "Students gain an appreciation for history after learning there’s more to the story." Milloy interviewed two Capital City 11th graders, Tori and Kiara, to better understand how examining multiple perspectives and sources provides students a more accurate picture of history. Our students also shared how this knowledge empowers them to take action to make the future better.

Last school year, Capital City students created a petition to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Today, they have over 500 signatures. Our students are now requesting DC Council Chairperson, Phil Mendelson, to call a hearing on this Bill to share their research in hopes of officially changing the holiday. Please sign their petition and spread the word to support our students!

11th graders advocating for Indigenous People's Day