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We look forward to welcoming all students back to the school building for in-person instruction starting on August 30! 

Learn more about our re-entry plans for the fall in our Re-entry and Recovery Plan. Click on the links to learn about:

As we prepare to welcome students back to the school building this fall, we will continue to share with families any adjustments to plans as guidance evolves and health conditions change.

SY2021 - 2022 PRIORITIES

  • Social and emotional learning and support for all students.
  • Meeting students where they are academically while accelerating their learning.
  • Staying true to EL Education and the key components of our educational program.
  • Staff wellness recognizing that teachers and staff need to be socially, emotionally, and physically well to do their best work on behalf of children.


As we enter another unprecedented school year, we will provide transparency on planning, frequently communicate, and offer many opportunities for feedback. Families can always reach out to our Family Engagement Team with questions at or 202-570-4312.

Learn more:

Watch this video to hear from school leaders about our re-entry plans.


Capital City will offer in-person instruction for school year 20-21. Virtual learning will only be offered if:

  • A student has a verified medical exemption. In accordance with guidance from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Capital City will only be able to offer virtual learning to students with a documented medical exemption.  Click here for the form.  A physician must complete part of the form. Please return forms to More information will be shared throughout the summer.
  • Cohorts or students need to utilize distance learning for a quarantine period.
  • Health metrics worsen. However, following CDC health guidance, we believe that once we are back to in-person learning we can remain open even if community spread were to increase.

To support socially distanced teaching, and accommodate students who must engage in distance learning, each classroom will be equipped with a projector, document camera, and poly-studio camera to support in-person and home learners. In addition, all students will be provided a 2nd computer, so they have one device at home and one for use in the classroom. We have made great strides to close the digital divide this year and we expect that work to continue into the future.


We are prioritizing safety and have put in place a wide range of protocols to maximize the safety of students and staff in the building. We have implemented many of these approaches for our Learning Hubs and are refining and improving them for the fall. Following CDC and OSSE guidance, safety mitigation procedures include:

Mask up, Capital City!

Student wearing a mask
  • Universal mask wearing both indoors and outdoors on school grounds. This is our most important mitigation strategy. Capital City will provide masks as needed.
  • Maintaining physical distance (3 feet between students in classrooms and 6 feet between adults and students; 6 feet between students everywhere else on school grounds - indoors and outdoors)
  • Enhanced building cleaning with a deep clean of the entire building nightly
  • Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers
  • Water fountains available for refillable bottles only (Capital City will provide water bottles for students)
  • Asymptomatic testing of students with contract tracing and cohorts quarantining for 10 days if there is a positive test. Over 90% of families and staff were in support of this.
  • Upgraded air filters and free-standing air scrubbers and air filtration units that use HEPA air filters
  • Encouraging vaccination

Walk-up vaccination sites are open in DC. No appointment needed! 
DC residents 12 and older are eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Read more here.

MS student learning


Following CDC guidelines for students to be spaced 3 feet apart from each other and 6 feet from teachers, we are exploring multiple options for the set-up of classrooms and breakout spaces to maximize learning and instruction. We will seek to allow for collaboration and movement while maintaining social distance and safety. To support safety, Capital City will provide all students with individual supplies (vs shared supplies pre-pandemic). Learn about campus models in our re-entry plan and campus-specific plans below.


  • Model: 100% in person 5 days a week. Additional staff to allow for smaller class sizes and co-teaching model. Utilizing breakout and outdoor spaces for small groups, movement and active engagement.
  • Hours: 8am - 3pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at noon. Aftercare available on a sliding pay scale. 
  • Lunch: To follow CDC guidelines for meals to be served with students spaced at least 6 feet apart, half of the class will have recess (outdoors or in the gym grouped by grade level) while the other half stays in the classroom to eat. These groups will then switch.

Read "Lower School" in the re-entry plan to learn more.


  • Model: 100% in person 5 days a week. Students in grade-level cohorts of about 20 students. All core classes co-taught with a general education and inclusion teacher.
  • Hours: 8:30am - 3:30pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at 12:30pm. Aftercare available on a sliding pay scale for 5th-6th graders. 
  • Lunch: To follow CDC guidelines for meals to be served with students spaced at least 6 feet apart, lunch will be staggered by grade level, with half of the students eating in the classroom while the other half eats in the cafeteria. About 40 students, spaced 6 ft apart, will eat in our large cafeteria at a time.

Read "Middle School" in the re-entry plan to learn more.


  • Model: 2 scenarios - 50% in person and 50% distance learning or 100% in person 5 days a week. If required by the city to be 100% in person, we are exploring options for additional space including the renovation of storage space. Classes of about 15 students co-taught with a general education and inclusion teacher. 
  • Hours: 9am - 4pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at 1pm.  
  • Lunch: In the hybrid re-entry model, students will already be spaced out 6 feet apart in classrooms so are able to eat in the same space. We are working on a plan for meals if we are 100% in-person.

Read "High School" in the re-entry plan to learn more.

For information about our distance learning program, visit the Eagle Hub.