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Welcome back to the school building! 

Learn more about our re-entry plans for the fall in our Re-entry and Recovery Plan. Click on the links to learn about:

We will continue to share with families any adjustments to plans as guidance evolves and health conditions change.

Watch this video to hear from Capital City school leaders about our fall re-entry plans.

Learn more about re-entry from our Office Managers & Family Engagement Team. (Click on “cc” to view English subtitles. This video is in Spanish.)


As we navigate another unprecedented school year, we will provide transparency on planning, frequently communicate, and offer many opportunities for feedback. Families can always reach out to our Family Engagement Team with questions at families@ccpcs.org or 202-556-3815.

Learn more:

Welcome back from your Parent School Association (PSA)! 
Hear from our PSA leaders about our safety measures and arrival and dismissal. (Click “cc” for subtitles. This video is in English and Spanish.)


The health of our community is a top priority. Check out these safety strategies that can keep us safer in our return to the building.​​

COVID safety vaccination

Encouraging vaccination

COVID safety masking

100% of students and staff wearing masks

COVID safety physical distance

Maintaining physical distance

COVID safety cleaning

Enhanced cleaning of surfaces

COVID safety air ventilation and filters

Improved ventilation and air filtration

COVID safety testing

COVID-19 testing of students and staff

Read our COVID-19 Testing and Quarantine Plan. Learn more and sign the testing consent form. Currently, 87% of students have a signed testing consent form. We are committed to testing as many individuals as possible each week to prevent transmission within our community.  All teachers/staff in the school building must test weekly or obtain their own test outside of the school testing windows.​​​​​​​ Watch this video to see how students complete COVID-19 testing.

Capital City is encouraging all families to get their eligible children vaccinated.
Please click here to submit a photo of your child’s COVID-19 vaccine card.

The free vaccine is currently available to anyone 5 and over without an appointment. Visit coronavirus.dc.gov.

All Capital City staff must be fully vaccinated or be approved for an exemption. Currently, 97% of staff are vaccinated and all staff get COVID tested weekly. Additionally, students 12 and older who participate in sports must also get vaccinated. These new requirements, which are consistent with updated DC guidance, will make our school and school-based activities safer for students and our community.  

Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Check out this article by doctors from Johns Hopkins Medicine regarding myths vs facts about the vaccine.


Students must have an up-to-date Universal Health Certificate Form and an Oral Health Assessment (Dental form) on file. Certificates are only good for one year. With DC's "No Shots, No School" policy, students who do not have up-to-date immunizations will be excluded from school until shots are received. Up-to-date immunizations are more important than ever for keeping our community safe. 

Please send updated forms to families@ccpcs.org and reach out with any questions. 

Student wearing a mask


Capital City will offer in-person instruction for school year 21-22. Virtual learning will only be offered if:

  • A student has a verified medical exemption or lives with a family member who has a medically exempt condition. In accordance with guidance from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Capital City will only be able to offer virtual learning to students with a documented medical exemption.  Click here for the corresponding form.  A physician must complete part of the form. Please return forms to families@ccpcs.orgRead these frequently asked questions about medical exemptions to learn more.
  • Cohorts or students need to utilize distance learning for a quarantine period.

In the event of quarantine and to support students learning from home with medical exemptions, Capital City is prepared to provide robust learning experiences for any students learning from home. Read more about our Plan for At-Home LearnersIf your child is trying to access class virtually but having difficulty, please send a message to homehelp@ccpcs.org. Click on the resources below to learn how to access online classes and how to set up Remind.

To support socially distanced teaching, and accommodate students who must engage in distance learning, each classroom is equipped with a projector, document camera, and poly-studio camera to support in-person and home learners. In addition, all students received a 2nd computer, so they have one device at home and one for use in the classroom. Capital City will continue to support families with Internet access and troubleshooting technology issues. Learn more here.

MS student learning


Following CDC guidelines for students to be spaced 3 feet apart from each other and 6 feet from teachers, we are using multiple options for the set-up of classrooms and breakout spaces to maximize learning and instruction. We seek to allow for collaboration and movement while maintaining social distance and safety. To support safety, Capital City also provides all students with individual supplies (vs shared supplies pre-pandemic). Learn about campus models in our re-entry plan and read campus-specific information below.


  • Read this letter from Principal, Míchelle Johnson.
  • Model: Additional staff to allow for smaller class sizes and co-teaching model. Utilizing breakout and outdoor spaces for small groups, movement and active engagement.
  • Hours: 8am - 3pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at noon. Aftercare available on a sliding pay scale. 
  • Lunch: Half of the class has recess (outdoors or in the gym grouped by grade level) while the other half stays in the classroom to eat, spaced 6 ft apart. These groups then switch.
  • ​​​​Supply List
  • ​​​​Staff List (for bios and contact information visit the Lower School staff webpage)
  • Virtual Back to School Night: Class recordings and presentations


  • Read this letter from Principal, Laina Cox.
  • Model: Students in grade-level cohorts of about 20 students. All core classes co-taught with a general education and inclusion teacher.
  • Hours: 8:30am - 3:30pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at 12:30pm. Aftercare available on a sliding pay scale for 5th-8th graders. 
  • Lunch: Lunch staggered by grade level, with half of the students eating in the classroom while the other half eats in the cafeteria. About 40 students, spaced 6 ft apart, eat in our large cafeteria at a time.
  • ​​​​Supply lists (at school and at home)
  • ​​​​Staff list (for bios and contact information visit the Middle School staff webpage)
  • Virtual Back to School Night: Class recordings and presentations


  • Read this letter from Principal, Belicia Reaves.
  • Model: Students in classes of about 15-20 students. All core classes co-taught with a general education and inclusion teacher.
  • Hours: 9am - 4pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at 1pm and with a before-school homework center to support families with the staggered schedule.
  • Lunch: Grade level cohorts spaced 6 feet apart while eating in classrooms, the theater, or in designated outside spaces for upperclassmen.
  • ​​​​Supply lists (at school and at home)
  • ​​​​Staff List (for bios and contact information visit the High School staff webpage)
  • Virtual Back to School Night: Class recordings and presentations

Support with Staggered Arrival/Dismissal: Capital City is offering a Before School Homework Center for MS/HS students with younger siblings and an Extended Day Hour for LS students with older siblings. Learn more and sign up for Extended School Day programming.

We are also offering, on a sliding pay scale, an aftercare program for PreK-8th grades. Read about the program structure, hours, rates and registration here.


Click here for community resources for families such as:

Your student’s Kids Ride Free 2020-21 card is valid through September 30, 2021. Information about obtaining a new card will be shared soon.

Mary’s Center Partnership: Bios and contact information for questions/support.


  • For general support, email families@ccpcs.org.
  • For questions related to our safe re-entry to the school building, contact our COVID Re-entry Team at covidsafety@ccpcs.org
  • For campus-specific questions for Lower School, contact families@ccpcs.org.
  • For campus-specific questions for Middle School, contact Office Manager Veronica Ramirez at vramirez@ccpcs.org.
  • Campus-specific questions for High School, contact Office Manager Yanira Cuellar at ycuellar@ccpcs.org.