Flipped PD: Make your Moodle Marvelous!

Flipped PD: Make your Moodle Marvelous!

Flipped PD is PD on your time. Each week learn about a new technology resources and best practices from the library team, the tech team or your colleagues. 

This week’s Flipped PD will focus on enhancing your Moodle page. Are you unsatisfied with the state of your Moodle page? Do you need better strategies for keeping your content up-to-date? This Flipped PD is just for you!

Attend a Training

Schedule a time with Mr. Chase to have a small group or 1-on-1 training. Enhance your Moodle page in 30 minutes!

Open hours on these tools will be held in the library:

Tuesday, January 22 @ 3:45
Thursday, January 24 @ 3:45
Friday, January 25 @ 3:45

Six Best Practices for your Moodle Page

Follow these six simple strategies to make your Moodle page more engaging!


1. Delete Unnecessary Blocksdelete_blocks

To remove a block, make sure you are in the editing mode. Click on the red X in the blue bar of a block to delete it. You own your class pages, so feel free to remove everything and start from scratch. Too many boxes on the sides of the screen have the potential to distract your students.  Consider removing all unnecessary blocks from the edges of your page.

2. Use HTML Blocks

Customize your courses and highlight content using separate HTML blocks. HTML lets you embed images and format text in unique ways. Target important content for your students by separating blocks instead of making long lists of resources that your students have to sort through.


3. Use Images

Consider using images to further catch your students’ eyes. Emphasize important content with simple visuals.

4. Use Links (in text and as images)

You can always add links separately as resources at the bottom of your Topics box, but you can also add links directly in your text with they What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.  This way, you can make image “buttons” by associating and image with a link.
Brainpop image link

5. Include Learning Objects (like Images and Video)

Make your Moodle more relevant by linking to important learning objects, like videos, slideshow presentations, even Google Docs and Forms. Use HTML-based widgets to embed images and even video. To learn how to embed video, watch this tutorial:

Embedding a video clip from Tomaz Lasic on Vimeo.

6.  Use the Topic View to Control your Course

Moodle lets you set up your page in a variety of ways. Consider using the Topic view in order to organize by unit rather than week. Also, remove empty blocks easily in the Site Management Section.

More Resources

For more of these great tips, watch the Classroom 2.0 Live Featured Teacher with special guest Beth Still. Many of the tips in this post come from Beth Still.  More of the resources from that presentation are located on the Classroom 2.0 Live Livebinders Page.