Parent volunteering

"Collaborating and helping is a beautiful opportunity to know more about the school and get to know the teachers."

— Dina Aju, Capital City parent

Volunteering is an excellent way to stay connected to the school and your child’s learning. By volunteering, you can meet and get to know other parents and staff, learn new skills, and gain experience all while helping to make our school the best it can be.  At Capital City we ask that each family volunteer 20 hours a year in support of the school (10 hours for single parent families). There are many ways to make this contribution. Find a role that works for you!

  • LEAD. To coordinate all of the activities and events that happen at our school and engage all of our families, we need parent leaders. Learn about leadership opportunities including job descriptions and estimated time commitments by emailing .
  • VOLUNTEER. There are many ways to volunteer at Capital City throughout the year. Check the parent newsletter, This Week at Capital City, every Monday, classroom/school newsletters, our website and the Family Info bulletin board in the main lobby for information on ways to get involved. If you need support to find opportunities, you can also contact .
  • TRACK YOUR HOURS. Every year we ask families to track their volunteer hours online.  You can enter your hours from the school computer in the lobby or from your own computer. We will use the totals to acknowledge volunteers for their contribution and remind families who have not fulfilled their commitment. It will also provide us with data on the amazing contribution that Capital City families make to our school. Please email your volunteer hours to  or enter them in the front desk volunteer log.