Lower School student painting. Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

"I love being a teacher at Capital City because I have the chance to help students develop their creativity. Each day I am excited to witness students' enthusiasm and passion for growing as artists!"

— Middle School Visual Arts Teacher

Through the arts, students develop important 21st Century Skills – critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and confidence. These skills support learning in all curricular areas and prepare students for success in college and beyond. The arts contributes to a more joyful school experience and positive school culture. For these reasons, Capital City has made a commitment to the arts since our inception in 2000.  

Middle School dance performance
Lower School spring musical
Music at Capital City
High school students in art class

Our comprehensive arts program sets Capital City apart from other public school programs. Parents and students routinely cite our arts program as one of the most valued aspects of our school. A 2016 EL Education video highlights our arts program as a national model.

We offer drama, music and visual arts instruction to all students in PK-12th grade. In arts classes and extracurricular activities, students engage in active exploration, make connections to other areas of study, and develop high quality products and performances. We broaden our students’ experiences, by hosting visiting artists and captivating them by fieldwork to theatres, museums, and concerts.

Our full-time staff are extremely dedicated and highly experienced arts professionals. We opened in 2000 with one full-time staff member. Today, we have 12 full-time arts experts educating our students. 92% hold an M.F.A. or M.A.

A Theatre for Everyone

In 2016, we completed a significant renovation to provide our students and community with an exceptional theatre. We designed and constructed a multi-functional theatre to educate students, host performances, attract arts professionals, and bring our community together.

Read our Playbill to learn more about the project and new space.


Every young artist, from our singers and actors to painters and designers, have an opportunity to shine. It is our vision that the theatre will be a welcoming space to celebrate our diverse and growing community.

Watch this photo slideshow of our Theatre Grand Opening to see the new space in action.