Feeling the warmth at Capital City

December is a month of reflection, giving back, and coming together. Despite the cold, this time of year often promotes feelings of warmth and positivity. 

As a nod to the month of December, we asked students from all different grades what at Capital City gives them feelings of warmth and positivity. Here is what they had to say!

Valentina, Kindergarten

Valentina, Kindergarten

"Hot chocolate… We do some letters and numbers [at school]."

Matthew 1st grade

Matthew, 1st grade

"I like to come [to school] with my cousin."

Monserrat, student

Montserrat, 2nd grade

"I like drawing activities. You get to draw it any way and it doesn’t matter how it looks."

Jayden, 3rd grade

Jayden, 3rd grade

"What makes me feel warm is having a lot of friends. I like to play outside."

McKenzie, 3rd grade

McKenzie, 3rd grade

"What makes me feel warm is my friends and my teacher. They are somebody who I can trust."

Nazeer, 4th grade

Nazeer, 4th grade

"My friend Jackson. We’ve been friends for a long time and we have sleepovers. He’s supposed to come over this weekend."

Gustavo 5th grade

Gustavo, 5th grade

"I like the teachers and my friends. Most of my teachers are very very nice and my friends are very nice." 

Siah 5th grade

Siah, 5th grade

"The teachers are nice. [I like] Ms. Muñoz."

Evangelina 5th grade

Evangelina, 5th grade

"One thing here at Capital City that makes me feel the warmth is that with each long break we have, before we get to do an activity that will be fun." 

Jariel 6th grade

Jariel, 6th grade

"What makes me feel warm are the teachers and aftercare staff."

Yeosi, student

Yeosi, 6th grade

"What makes me feel warm are my friends because they are part of my family." 

Marco 7th grade

Marco, 7th grade 

"Something that makes me feel warm and positive is the library because it’s warmer than all of the classrooms. I like to think positively because I’m happy when I read books — exciting books like graphic novels." 

Lyndze 9th grade

Lyndze, 9th grade

"Something at Capital City that makes me feel warm and positive is my algebra class. Algebra is kind of like a family because even though we don’t understand certain things, we will talk to each other about these things to get a better understanding and help each other out. It just makes me feel warm and positive!"

Jennifer, 9th grade

Jennifer, 9th grade

"The Fiber Club, it’s knitting and crocheting things. The teacher is nice and she provides us many ways to learn how to knit or crochet. It’s a lot calmer there than most other places. It’s a calming environment."

Christian, 10th grade

Christian, 10th grade

"Something warm and positive is having someone to talk to, like friends. Everyday you’re talking to your friends and they make you laugh."

Lanique, 11th grade

Lanique, 11th grade

"The sense of community. Capital City makes it easy for you to be yourself. They bring different ethnicities together with all of the diversity here." 

Markquet 12th grade

Markquet, 12th grade

"Something that makes me feel warm and positive is the fact that the teachers are very supportive. We can come to them no matter the subject. You can go to an English teacher for help with math and they will help. Everybody is supportive." 

Moses 12th grade

Moses, 12th grade

"I would say the teacher support. In some other places that I’ve heard about from friends, they don’t really get as much support as we do here. It’s pretty nice to have because if someone is stuck on something, which has happened to me, it’s nice to have teachers to email or talk to. It’s good to have that support."