Acro Airs flies high at Capital City!

The Washington Adventist University Acro Airs team recently returned to Capital City to show the Middle School their high flying skills. 

Acro Airs began performing at Capital City in 2016, but had to take a few years hiatus during the pandemic. The team has been active since the 1940s, and Head Coach Ben Johnson said the sport combines some of the most exciting moves from cheerleading, gymnastics, and sports acrobatics.

The Acro Airs roster includes some familiar faces from Capital City — including Dedicated Aide Ashley Rivera, 7th Grade Science Inclusion Teacher Chelsea Duchemin, and Class of 2015 alumna Lynnell. 

"We give a very positive message to the people we perform for. Not only do they get to watch us perform, we give them a message of keeping a healthy lifestyle so they can achieve anything they are trying to do," said Ms. Duchemin. "Besides having fun, I hope they see that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything."

Alumna Lynnell’s younger brother, 5th-grader Trebor, is a student at Capital City. For the first time ever, he was able to see his sister perform with the Acro Airs team. 

"I was excited to come back here and see my little brother," said Lynnell. "I think he was excited to be able to see his big sister do something like this."

Acro Airs Lynnell and brother

Students were impressed as the team showed off their skills. They even got a chance to cheer on Principle Gamble when he took part in the performance as the top tier in a pyramid.