NPR Student Podcast Challenge

5th graders Justin, Junior, Carroll, and Juliet participated in the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. Competing against nearly 6,000 other student entries across the country, their podcasts both received Honorable Mentions!

5th graders who produced We Believe podcast

Building on their studies of Native Americans and colonization, 5th graders Justin and Junior produced the "We Believe" podcast to raise awareness about why celebrating Columbus Day is an injustice. They wrote, recorded, and edited their podcast to suggest the holiday be changed nationally to Indigenous People's Day and interviewed multiple people to highlight diverse perspectives. Listen here!

5th graders who produced the Ready to Rescue podcast

5th graders Juliet and Carroll love dogs, especially Carroll's family dog Bowie, who was rescued from a shelter. Passionate about preventing animal cruelty, they produced "Ready to Rescue" to encourage more people to rescue pets. In their podcast, they feature a personal story and an expert to show why rescuing is important. Listen here!